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Hey ya'll,

My name is Daley (DeltaSniper) Brinks, 18 years of age (at current time of posting) and currently living in the Netherlands.
I have been in this Clan for over 5 years now , joined at the age of 13. And i must say that this group/clan has done alot for me and has been there for me in alot of rough times. It's been family.

Joined when i was 13, pain in the ass to the Leaders (still am hehe) but now i am an Admin here. If there is anything you need on teamspeak just ask.

Not much to say besides all this , not much of a post it guy. If u wanna ask more questions just comment below here or hit me up on teamspeak.


Swiggety swaggety swooty, I'm coming in for your booty.
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