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Hi Guys, its me... the ghost from the past haha.. j.k

Being an old ex-member of this awesome clan i would like to give you the opportunity to those who had it all but lost it. Now you might be wondering what the heck im talking about? Well its really simple, let me explain!

Back in 1999/2000 a game was release, not simply A game but the founding father of all the First Person Shooters thats around on this day. I know some of you might not be born yet but i also know that a couple of you guys have great memories of this very old game. Im talking about MOHAA aka Medal Of Honor Allied Assault!

In 2014 Gamespy pulled out the plug on this game with still a great majority of players playing this game. So some really great modders from the X-Null website did a great job. They got their hands on the source code given by EA GAMES and created there own 'gamespy' version INSIDE this very game. So at this very moment when you use this 'remastered' mohaa version you will be able to see all the online mulitplayer server there are. Its by far the best thing happened to this game!

Therefor if either of you or you as a clan is intrested in getting back to memory lane gameplay you can fully download it from
Its 100% free!! Many clans are awaiting new players to either let them join or play a war against. Even tho theres no such thing anymore as an anti-cheat like DMW the people from X-null are working hard to create one which should be done within the near future. Also the reborn pack (serverside mod) has some build in anticheat and also the many admins on the servers are keeping an eye on the players as good as possible. All because of the good work on the X-Null community!

This is not an advertisement simply a hand out to one of the best games EVER made! Try it out for yourselfs and perhaps me and my friends can 'fight' eachother in one of the servers.

peace out

#WoV | Mr.Sandman
Warriors Of Valhalla MOHAA clan

p.s. i could do this in dutch to but i thought english might be better to reach more people haha
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